Here is a thing that happens to me sometimes: a creative funk.

I know I’m not alone in it; it happens to a lot of us. But sometimes it feels that way. I go through periods of time where I click along with the YA world. Writing flows easily. I dive into a new book every 1-2 days. Reviews and posts are a breeze to write and I’m so active on Twitter that you all probably get a little sick of me.

But then… what I call the funk strikes. I open a new draft and stare at the cursor. I try to write a review for a book I’m over the moon about and can’t summon anything more than lukewarm sentiment. My TBR pile grows even more unwieldy because I feel incapable of making a dent. E-mails go unanswered. I have no desire to read or write a DAMN thing. And I’m quieter on Twitter. Because I just feel sort of apathetic and like I don’t have much to say.

I’m drowning in it all and it feels a little like this:

Right now my method of coping is to go home after work and veg out watching Veronica Mars reruns. Even drafting this post is a struggle, but a while back, I resolved to share personally on the blog every now and then, so this seemed appropriate.

But the thing is… I would like to be over this. On good days, I love the whole YA world. I love writing and want to make a career of it. PierceFest, a project that I’m really excited about, is going on right now and it’s MY MONTH.

So help me out? How do you guys get over funks like this?