Inspired by Alexa Loves Books’s The Monday Mix and The Mary Sue’s Things We Saw Today, A Few of My Favorite Things Friday is a round-up of my favorite internet offerings for the week.

~I found this more interesting than good: Amazon is going to allow writers to sell their fanfiction for select fandoms

~Houghton Mifflin Harcourt released their BEA schedule!

~I always love Publishing Crawl’s blog posts, and this post from Susan Dennard about trusting your own work with a Critique Partner was wonderful.

~One of my favorite authors, Diana Peterfreund redesigned her website and I love it! Check it out here.

~The panels for the Teen Author Carnival 2013 were announced! I’m thinking I’ll probably be attending the World Play and She’s No Pushover panels, but we’ll see!

~An excerpt of Maggie Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves was released and OH LORD AM I EXCITED.

~A few awesome book bloggers have gotten together to address the lack of a place for short YA speculative fiction. Inaccurate Realities, their YA  literary magazine‘s first issue will be published in October and they are currently accepting submissions!

~Enough people pre-ordered Siege and Storm, that Leigh Bardugo’s short story from Genya’s POV was released. Gosh, I love this series.

~The man who created the .gif made a statement than “it’s pronounced jif.” Most of the internet has banded together to make a statement that we will continue to call it a GIF.

~Marissa Meyer gave us this peek into what’s on her writing desk. Like her, I always find writing spaces fascinating!

My posts this week:

~Nothing on Almost Grown-up as I’ve basically been a nervous wreck; I started querying my first novel this week! This is also why my “favorite things” list is MUCH shorter than last week’s!

~I did, however, make a post on my personal/writing blog, Speaking Jenerally, about why I’m glad I still feel like I have homework.