love-a-thonThis may just be my favorite post today, but I loved interviewing Kelly of Belle of the Literati! I learned that we both looooove Disney (see below)– in fact we both went to Disney World the same weekend! We missed each other at the parks though.

Check out her blog because it is fabulous and her reviews are so much fun!

Jen: Who are you when you’re NOT blogging or reading? (Basically: tell me about yourself ^_~ )

Kelly: So nice of you to ask! Hehe, outside of blogging I work as a Registered Nurse. I love love love my job. It is very trying some days and it is not glamorous by any means (no Grey’s Anatomy with beautiful people running around everywhere) but I adore it. I love helping people and being able to hopefully bring a positive experience out of something as horrible as being in the hospital. Besides that, when I’m not working or reading I LOVE to travel. It fills me with such passion and feelings that I feel a physical longing to get to these places. Just booked another European vacay today, WAY excited!

Jen: When you’re just too tired or out of it to read, what are your favorite TV shows or movies that give you the FEELS just as much as a good book?

Kelly: Oh, good question! Um, I have a guilty pleasure of the Vampire Diaries and I think that show is just fantastic. As far as the feelings go?…almost any Disney movie, especially Beauty and the Beast. I can’t watch Armageddon without sobbing. Same goes for Romeo + Juliet. The Princess Bride is an ultimate favorite and go to on a bad day. Grey’s is always good for a cry. Almost any Martin¬†Scorsese film fills me with tons of emotions. I know there are more but I am totally blanking right now!¬†

Jen: Oh my gosh, Grey’s, Disney, and The Princess Bride? I think we need to talk books, TV, and movies often. LOVE all of those.

On the subject of TV and movies, do you have a favorite book to screen adaptation? Least favorite?

Kelly: The Harry Potter films I think are fantastically done for the most part. Would I want a 7 hour movie to fit in every plot point? YES! But as far as movies goes they are all pretty epic. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe I also think is an amazing rendition. Least favorite…I think the most recent Narnia move the Voyage of Dawn Treader was not good. In fact, I don’t even know if I finished watching it which was so disappointing because I love that book :(

Jen: Yes! The Harry Potter adaptations are some of the best ones out there, IMHO.

If you had to give up your BLOG or TWITTER, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Kelly: Oh wow! Hard hitting journalist here! Um…I would give up….Twitter….agh, I don’t want to! I can always converse with my tweeps on gchat and via blog comments right?!…..Right?! :)

Jen: I love your blog header with the Eiffel Tower! So I’m guessing that you’d agree with me that we need more books set in France ^_~ What are some other settings that you like to see in books?

Kelly: Oh I just did this for my TTT. Italy! Can’t get enough of, Sicily specifically. London, one of my favorite cities ever!! Boarding school I always enjoy, too. Any foreign city pretty much I will take a novel in.

Jen: I HAVE to steal your book boyfriend question because really… swoony boys ARE THE BEST.

Kelly: Oh my gosh, we’re gonna be here all day. Matthew de Clairmont from A Discovery of Witches, Leon from Birthmarked, Alex from Delirium, Will from Infernal Devices, Four from Divergent, Warner from Shatter Me, Adam from If I Stay, Christian from Unearthly, Jace from Mortal Instruments, Day from Legend, Romeo Marescotti from Juliet (not to be confused with Shakespeare’s version) and Alessandro from Arcadia Awakens.

Sorry, can’t pick just one. That’s a running top 20 list lol!


AHEM. What is your favorite kind of blog post to write? (review, meme, discussion, something else… feel free to mention any specific post you want!)

Kelly: I love doing reviews! It is where I can really express myself and get all my feels out over the books I read and love <3

Jen: What are you reading RIGHT NOW? 

Kelly: Prodigy by Marie Lu!!! Re-read Legend and I just love love love that book! Although usually I would have finished it by now but there just feels like so much intensity I am scared to keep reading in fear of what may happen…usually doesn’t happen to me.

Jen: What was the last book you really FANGIRLED over?

Kelly: UNRAVEL ME!!! Oh. Em. Gee. I fangirl a LOT but this one…ay Dios mio for real. I love Adam…I just love Warner more…sorry not sorry

Jen: So, what I’m hearing is that I should really get around to reading that series…

Finally, what are some books that you think don’t get as much attention as they deserve– those underrated gems that we all know are out there?

Kelly: LOVE this question because hands down I ALWAYS say the Birthmarked trilogy by Caragh O’Brien!! I just obsess over these books. The world is destructed and harsh and each individual book is so unique and SO much happens is is amazing. The second book is so unlike the first that you really feel like you have lived an entire life with these characters. This book brought on more feelings than normal and I just cannot say ENOUGH about these books :)

Jen: I think I bought the first book when it was a Kindle Daily Deal! You might have just pushed it up on my TBR.

Thank you so much for the interview, Kelly!

Kelly: Thank you so much for having me at your blog! Your questions were fantastic! :)

Readers, check Kelly’s blog out at Belle of the Literati. And you can, of course, follow her on Twitter.