Camp Wordsmith is a weekly venture in which Angel of Mermaid Vision Books, Christa of Hooked on Books, and I post about our work in writing over the past week. We’ll also discuss various issues to do with craft. The goals here are simple. We want to write, so we’re making a public effort before all of our followers and readers to do so. And by the end? We hope to make it a little closer to our dreams of being published.

Week 6
Stage: First draft and planning
Week’s Word Count: 3600
Total Word Count: 11700

This post should have been up yesterday. I know, I know! I am a huge procrastinator sometimes. To be honest, my technical count should have been around 2000 for the week, if I’d posted yesterday like I intended to. My plan was to put the post up while baby-sitting after the kids went to bed last night, but I neglected to get the password to their internet.

Instead, I used the time to watch the “Love Love” movie marathon on Lifetime and get another bunch of words down. I’m very glad that I was able to be productive, but wish that I’d had the post up yesterday as it was supposed to be.

Things are about to start moving in my novel. I’m about to rock my character’s world. And not in a positive way.

But before I tear her down a bit, I’m trying to decide if I’ve set things up well enough. This has involved reading over what I’ve written so far and realizing where I need to work in a couple more scenes. Moving some things around. I’m making a conscious effort not to start any major editing right now– that’s best saved for later, it’s only going to hinder my progress in moving forward.

Something else I’m coming to realize about myself as a writer: I have what can best be described as Writer’s ADD. I abandon sentences with alarming frequency. As in, I write the beginning of a sentence, leave it there and then I move on to construct a new paragraph. I keep just going back to fill in the blanks. I’ve always done this, but I never paid much attention to it. Is this weird? Is it something other people do? I know a lot of writers skip around scene-wise (and believe me, I do that too), but my sentence habit seems odd to me.

I’m going to shoot for another 3000 words by next Saturday. Wish me luck!

Have you checked in with Angel and Christa this week? They’ve both made some awesome progress!