You know, when I made this blog, I titled it “Almost Grown-up” because that’s how I saw my life last year. I was on the cusp of things, beginning my last year of college, going to graduate and get out into the “real world,” and be an adult. I was ready for it.

I still am, but with the realization that I’m ready to get on with my life is the realization that we never really finish growing up. Everything we do, every day that we live shapes us into a person a little bit different than we were the day before. I’m a different person than I was when I began college. Hell, I’m a different person than I was six months ago.

Like I said, we never actually reach “grown-up” status because we’re constantly changing, but we have that root that attaches us to childhood thought processes. In my Step Aerobics class earlier this week, our teacher insisted that we played Dodgeball and as I watched my classmates play, I was struck by Deja Vu. Cries of “The teams aren’t even!” “He’s cheating!” “You’re not following the rules!” “It isn’t fair!” echoed through the gym’s walls. Were these my summer campers from my time as a camp counselor, or my adult classmates?

Those complaints don’t go away, in Dodgeball or in Life. People break the rules, try their best to join the better team, and life isn’t fair. We’re not adults. I don’t know if we ever will be and I don’t know if we’d really want to be. It’d take everything interesting out of life.

So my blog remains titled “Almost Grown-up.” Because I’m not a grown-up. And neither are you.

But we’re always almost there.